Independent Examination of
Charity Accounts, £25k to £1m

We have been completing independent examinations of charity accounts
since 1996.

Providing a fast, high-quality service, our turnaround standard is usually 31 days to draft; but we may be able to help if you have an earlier deadline. Our fees are related to turnover, and are usually significantly lower than most of our competitors.

Independent examinations are suitable for charities with a gross income of up to £1 million. If you are above this figure, the Charity Commission will require a full audit.

Accounts for Unincorporated Charities
with an income of less than £25,000

Many smaller charities and not for profit organisations find it difficult to meet the cost of fully compliant accounts, and with the changes in legislation, charities with an income of less than £25,000 are no longer required to submit formal accounts to the Charity Commission. However many charities still need to put together annual accounts, especially when submitting funding applications. We serve many charities that are in this range and our team are always delighted to find out more about the amazing work going on around the country.

Accounts for Incorporated Charities
with an income of less than £25,000

If your charity is incorporated, then you are still required to prepare annual accruals accounts.

The accounts must include:

  • a statement of financial activities, describing all sources of income and expenditure
  • a balance sheet, stating what cash is in the bank and describing all assets, liabilities and funds
  • notes explaining how the income and expenditure is made up, with extra detail about assets, liabilities and funds and other important information, such as related party transactions 

If this fits your organisation, get in touch today!

Accounts for Community
Interest Companies (CICs)

As with all other incorporated charities and companies, the directors of CICs are required to deliver copies of their accounts for each financial year (including a director’s report) to the Registrar of Companies who will place them on the public file. We are able to offer a low-cost high-quality service to provide you with a set of accounts which, in addition to the statutory requirement, many CICs find useful for funding applications..